• 3/22/01--We stopped in Dayton, Ohio to visit with Bob and Kassandra Conger, and see their church. We met before dinner at O'Charley's, which was adjacent to our motel.  We had dinner at a Polish restaurant, Elinore's Amber Rose.  If you are ever in Dayton, we highly recommend it.  Bob and Kassandra are actively pursuing the opening of a bible college.  Their website, under construction, can be viewed at http://www.daytonbiblecollege.org. Click here for photos.
  • 3/23/01--We made it to Chantilly, Virginia.  We were tired from the trip so we went to dinner at the Otani, and then came back to watch Illinois beat Kansas.  Click here to see some pictures from the Otani.  The chef tried to flip pieces of shrimp into our mouths.   There are a few pictures attempting to catch the shrimp in mid air, but the shutter was too slow. 
  • 3/24/01--This was the day  Yong and Arlita Park's son, Vince Park, was married to Amy Xander.  The marriage ceremony  was at the St. Clair of Assisi Church in Clifton, Virginia.  The wedding reception was at the Marriot Westfield Conference Center in Chantilly, Va.  Here are some pictures of the day's activities.
  • 3/25/01--This day revolved around a sightseeing trip to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home. On the way back we drove through 1/3 of the Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park.  We discovered that if you have seen one overlook, you have seen them all.  Click here to see some overlooks.  We then went to the Luray Caverns. Click here to see some really neat cave pictures. 
  • 3/26/01--Another full day of sightseeing.  First we toured the memorials and capitol building in Washington DC.  Unfortunately, the school kids were in town and we would have had to wait 1.5 hours to go into the Capitol.  We declined.  Maybe next time.  We then went to Arlington Cemetery and  the Iwo Jima, Marine Memorial.   We still had enough time to visit Mount Vernon, George Washington's home.  Later, we had dinner at Phillip's at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.
  • 3/27/01--We went back to DC to visit the Smithsonian Museums. We started at the Natural History Museum, and spent all of our time at the Mineralogy exhibits. We didn't take any pictures this day.
    We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Don Pablos. It looks like it might be a chain. Bess and I recommend it highly.
  • 3/28/01--We headed for Virginia Beach. On the way we stopped at Jamestown, the first English settlement in North America. This is mainly an archeological site, but the original glass blowing facility was replicated and you can see photos of the operating factory here.
    The settlers later established the town of Williamsburg, which we visited next. Photos of Colonial Williamsburg can be seen here. This is a major tourist stop. We were told that on the 4th of July, the place is standing room only. You can see by the pictures at the visitors center that only one of about 24 ticket counters were being used today.
    We ate at Tautog's on Virginia Beach. They had great seafood.
  • 3/2901--We found out that Virginia Beach is oriented to tourism. Since there were no tourists, everything was closed , so we headed for home. We took some pictures of the beach. We made it as far as Morgantown, WV and had dinner at the Boston Beanery. This is a WV college town, but everyone was on spring break. We lucked out.