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Robin Goes to Florida

Ken and Marilyn Gentry Come to Chicago

Robin decided to take a 10 day vacation at Rick and Jan's home in St. Pete Beach, Florida. Rick and Jan got a new puppy. Here are some of the pictures she took.

Ken and Marilyn Gentry came to Chicago to attend a 50th Anniversary party. Ray and Mary Lea, Chuck and Bess, Larry, and Aunt Val and Martinamet for dinner at Klas's Restaurant. Click here to see some pictures .

Vince Park and Amy Xander
Tie The Knot

The Prazaks
Go To Washington

On March 24,2001 Vince, son of Yong and Arlita Park, married Amy Xander. The wedding took place at Saint Clare's Catholic Church in Clifton, Virginia. The reception was at the Westfield Marriot in Chantilly, Virginia.
Many Raulanders will remember Vince who worked both at Glenview and Melrose Park on the FTM program.
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Since we were in the area for Vince and Amy's wedding , we decided to see some of the local tourist attractions .

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The Prazaks Go to New York

Bess and I invited ourselves to Fran Lamb's retirement party in Corning, New York.
The party was in the Houghton's mansion in the hills overlooking Corning.
The house is now used by Corning Glass as a training and banquet facility.
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Niagara Falls

On the way back we visited Niagara Falls. We stayed at the Radisson Falls View Hotel, where we could see the Canadian Horseshoe Falls from our room. Click here for pictures.